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As we speak one can find a weblog article from our Director of Analysis, Michael Donaldson, PhD.  Please benefit from the wealth of expertise and knowledge this text entails:

Michael Donaldson, PhD writes:

Diet science may be complicated, and as shoppers we’re continually bombarded with messages from each facet. There are such a lot of bloggers and completely different angles on vitamin. And everyone seems to be entitled to their very own opinion and a few are higher than others at sounding authoritative. Who do you belief?

Some vitamin D dietary supplements have now included vitamin Okay with it, like our personal Hallelujah Weight loss program Vitamin D3 / K2 complement. The fundamental cause to mix D3 and K2 is that vitamin D will increase the absorption of calcium and vitamin K2 tells the calcium the place to go.

However different individuals have claimed that you shouldn’t mix vitamin D and Okay collectively. They are saying we don’t must complement vitamin Okay as no one is poor in vitamin Okay. They are saying that we get a lot in our diet. Additionally, our our bodies make vitamin Okay for us. Vitamin Okay is likely to be harmful; it would trigger hypercalcemia, resulting in kidney stones. Vitamin Okay would possibly make your blood thicker and make it coagulate within the mistaken locations, like in your arteries or mind. Who’s proper?

At Hallelujah Acres we convey you well being from a Biblical perspective. We consider that God created Adam and Eve and positioned them within the Backyard of Eden to have a tendency and hold it. We have been initially designed to thrive in a backyard of vegetation and timber and to eat a diet of uncooked vegetation—primarily fruits, greens, nuts and seeds—simply choose them and eat them. There aren’t any directions for cooking our meals in Genesis 1:29. We’ve got discovered over time that as individuals modify their diet and life-style to adapt extra intently to God’s authentic design that they regain their well being and proceed to expertise vibrant well being for a few years.

Along with our Biblical perspective, we additionally lean on trendy science to assist information us into making decisions that make amends for the corruption of creation after The Fall, in order that we are able to get higher outcomes sooner.

That is how we got here to know the necessity for extra vitamin D. We must always get it from sunshine, however between our trendy life-style that retains us indoors quite a bit and dwelling a protracted methods from the equator we discover that many individuals will expertise higher well being by taking a vitamin D complement. And scientific experiments have proven that many individuals want round 5,000 IU a day to get near the optimum vary of 50-70 ng/ml of 25(OH)D type of vitamin D of their our bodies. So, science has been very useful to know our trendy circumstances and methods to mitigate at the very least a number of the unfavourable results of it.

That isn’t to say that you simply shouldn’t get outdoors and get some sunshine, as there are a large number of advantages from pure sunshine that go approach past vitamin D.

Now science has been exhibiting that vitamin D and vitamin Okay are fairly interrelated.

Let’s study these claims for not utilizing a vitamin Okay complement one after the other.

  1. We get loads of vitamin Okay in our diet.
  2. Our our bodies make vitamin Okay for us.
  3. No person is poor in vitamin Okay.
  4. Vitamin Okay is harmful.
  5. Vitamin D is secure with out vitamin Okay.

There’s a LOT of vitamin K1 in inexperienced vegetation and if you observe the Hallelujah Weight loss program you get round 1,000 micrograms of vitamin K1 a day. BarleyMax itself is a superb supply of vitamin K1, offering round 30 mcgs, or 25% of the 120 mcg satisfactory RDA dose in a single 2-gram serving! So, sure, there may be a number of K1 in our diet.

However there may be little or no vitamin K2 in a plant-based diet. And vitamin K1 and K2 are completely different, and will not be fully interchangeable. This is essential to know. Vitamin K1 may be transformed into vitamin K2 in some elements of the physique, however there are particular cardiovascular, bone, and mind well being advantages to getting some pre-formed vitamin K2 within the physique. For extra particulars on the specifics of those variations see the Vitamin D3/K2 webinar on our web site.

1. Our our bodies make vitamin Okay for us.

There’s nonetheless little proof that the vitamin Okay from our intestine microbiota does us a lot good. An investigative group from the Human Diet Analysis Middle on Ageing at Tufts College, in 2017 discovered a big quantity of menaquinones produced within the intestine however they mentioned, “Menaquinones (the vitamin K2 type) weren’t detected in serum, and neither fecal concentrations of particular person menaquinones nor the menaquinone group was related to any marker of irritation.”[1]

There can be no problems with vitamin-Okay dependent proteins not being activated if our our bodies really made vitamin K2 for us. However these points have an effect on bone well being and contribute to calcification of coronary heart arteries and smooth tissues, and different results we’re nonetheless studying about.

2. No person is poor in vitamin K2.

The Nationwide Osteoporosis Basis states that 1 of each 2 girls and 1 of each Four males over the age of 50 will undergo a damaged bone resulting from osteoporosis. Whereas calcium and vitamin D are vital, magnesium, vitamin C, greens and vitamin K2 play an enormous function as nicely. Vitamin Okay-activated osteocalcin is the rebar in your bones. Similar to calcium-based concrete is brittle with out rebar, so bones with out vitamin Okay-activated osteocalcin are brittle and susceptible to fracture, no matter how dense they seem like on a DEXA scan. This was confirmed in a examine of over 7,500 aged independently-living wholesome girls. [2] Undercarboxylated osteocalcin is a longtime, often-occurring danger issue for osteoporotic bone fractures.

Even kids are inclined. When 20 kids with low-energy fractures have been in contrast with a management group of kids with out fractures, the kids with low ranges of vitamin-Okay activated osteocalcin had a 78-fold increased danger of fracture.[3] So, low vitamin K2 standing is a big danger issue for each younger and previous.

A population-based examine within the Netherlands, PREVEND, confirmed that about 30 p.c of the inhabitants had inadequate practical ranges of vitamin Okay. However it was worse if an individual was already sick.[4] About 50 p.c of the individuals who had heart problems, diabetes, or persistent kidney illness didn’t have ample ranges of vitamin K2. So, we conclude that vitamin K2 insufficiency is extra doubtless the rule, not the exception, amongst those that are aged or affected by illness.

3. Vitamin Okay is Harmful

The interplay between anticoagulant medicine and vitamin Okay has been misunderstood. The docs inform us to cease taking vitamin Okay in order that it doesn’t intrude with their medicine. However truly, it’s the medicine which might be vitamin Okay antagonists. Vitamin Okay is what belongs within the physique and the medicine intrude with all the exercise of vitamin Okay, not simply its coagulation exercise. So, using vitamin Okay antagonist medicine causes increased calcification of the arteries, by interfering with the activation of MGP protein. This was first seen in persistent kidney illness sufferers, as a result of they’re at such excessive danger.

To make drug remedy safer, coumadin-based medicine must be changed every time doable with anticoagulants that don’t intrude with vitamin Okay exercise. Heparin is an effective instance of another option. In fact, this can be a resolution so that you can make together with your physician, as we’re not giving medical recommendation right here. Coumarin is unhealthy to your bones and results in calcification of your arteries, which is itself a danger issue for coronary heart illness.

If coumadin should be used as an alternative of a safer drug, then common supplemental vitamin Okay truly makes anticoagulation remedy safer. The physician simply must get the dosage appropriate to your common consumption of vitamin Okay, together with dietary supplements.

4. Vitamin D is secure with out vitamin Okay.

It was speculated in 2017 that since vitamin D causes a rise within the manufacturing of vitamin Okay-dependent proteins this interplay may result in a relative scarcity of vitamin K2 in an individual, particularly when taking a big dose of vitamin D.[5] Now in 2019 we now have the proof. In a randomized, placebo-controlled (RCT) examine of individuals with depressive signs 66 individuals between 60-80 years of age got 1200 IU of vitamin D3 per day for six months and in contrast with 65 individuals taking a placebo. When the evaluation took under consideration multivitamin and vitamin Okay antagonist use, there was a big distinction in practical vitamin Okay ranges at 6 months.[6] The harm would doubtless have been worse with a helpful quantity of vitamin D, like 5000 IU per day.

So, there you have got it. Vitamin D has been proven in a RCT to trigger a relative insufficiency of vitamin K2. It isn’t truly secure to take massive doses of vitamin D and not using a good supply of vitamin K2 as nicely. Even in case you are taking vitamin D for non-bone advantages, it’s best to think about taking vitamin K2 together with it.

So, let’s summarize what we now have realized right here:

  1. We get loads of vitamin Okay in our diet.
    We don’t. We get a number of K1, however no K2. They aren’t the identical.
  2. Our our bodies make vitamin Okay for us.
    The vitamin Okay from our intestine microbiota doesn’t appear to assist us a lot.
  3. No person is poor in vitamin K2.
    About 30 p.c of the grownup inhabitants in a metropolis within the Netherlands had inadequate ranges of vitamin K2. If an individual had a persistent illness, it was extra like 50 p.c. Insufficiency is quite common.
  4. Vitamin Okay is harmful.
    Medication are harmful and have negative effects. Vitamin Okay is secure and has facet advantages.
  5. Vitamin D is secure with out vitamin Okay.
    Supplemental vitamin D with out vitamin K2 causes a practical deficiency in vitamin Okay, confirmed in a RCT.


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