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Protein is a scorching subject in keto communities, and a degree of confusion too as I identified on this put up. I’ve talked about a number of occasions that I began including collagen to my espresso, and currently I’ve doubled that to 2 servings of collagen powder a day.

Between the collagen powder and the collagen/protein bars I’ve additionally been consuming rather a lot in the previous couple of weeks, plus all of the meats (because of my elimination diet), somebody requested me if that was an excessive amount of protein – or really said:

“That’s plenty of protein.”

Sure, it’s. 🙂 However…

I’m deliberately growing my protein, by grams, however it’s nonetheless constantly 25% or much less of my complete day by day energy.

I’ll share just a few instance meals and up to date meals diaries with you right here so you may see how the numbers come out.

First although, the collagen I take advantage of is an unflavored keto collagen powder which additionally has MCT in it, so it’s not ALL protein, but additionally consists of wholesome fat.

I’m utilizing the Good Keto Unflavored Collagen Powder and I’ve been utilizing a one-scoop serving day by day for just a few months now.

However extra not too long ago I’ve doubled that the majority days – utilizing two one-scoop servings a day, one in a morning espresso and one other in a day espresso.

I don’t like their flavored collagen or mct powders, by the way in which – these are too candy for me, and you should utilize unflavored powders in ANYthing. 😉

That is the way it logs in MyFitnessPal:

Keto Collagen Macros

The serving of collagen I take advantage of is extra like half a carb (and even zero web carbs) than 1 carb, as a result of it does have acacia fiber in it, however I simply go forward and depend it as 1 carb per scoop – however then don’t fear over that carb.

See the way it nonetheless comes out as 45% fats once you have a look at the ratios?

So it’s not “all protein” – however even when it had been, that’s simply ONE ingredient or entry in the complete day of my general meals and macros.

Each single meal doesn’t need to be good keto macros, you merely need them to “add up” on the finish of the complete day of meals – ideally to 20 web carbs max, 70% fats minimal and 25% protein max.

I talked about that in my keto confusion put up too, as a result of I feel plenty of the “excessive protein advocates” (and even those who worry “an excessive amount of protein”) aren’t trying on the precise numbers.

As I stated in that put up, I can simply eat double the day by day really useful quantity of protein and nonetheless be consuming “excessive fats” (70% or extra of my complete day by day energy).

On my current journey to Austin after I was consuming principally plain meat with a bit of avocado, I used to be having MCT Oil in my morning espresso, and really fatty meats at my meals.

Keto Meals in Austin TX

Right here’s an instance of 1 meal (backside left) logged in MyFitnessPal:

High Protein AND High Fat

2 web carbs, 74% fats, 50 grams of protein (25%)

Excessive protein? Sure. However clearly excessive fats – too.

Earlier this week I made an enormous plate of Oscar Mayer smokes (two hyperlinks) with tacky eggs, which was my one principal meal for the day:

High Protein High Fat Keto Meal

I had just a few different issues that day, a Starbucks espresso with heavy cream within the afternoon and a keto bar that night I feel, however this was A LOT of meals -lol.

High Fat High Protein Keto Macros

Whereas the meal above is a full 50 grams of protein, it is usually 75% fats.

See how that works? 😉

Eggs, dairy, fatty meats (like brisket, ribeye, salmon, rooster thighs, and so on) are all nice sources of each protein AND fats.

➡️ So simply since you are consuming excessive protein does NOT imply you’re consuming low fats, or that you’re NOT consuming excessive fats.

Why I’m growing my day by day protein consumption…

I began utilizing collagen and likewise growing my protein for 2 principal causes. First as a result of my hair was falling out and breaking off after being extraordinarily sick with intestine well being points for an prolonged time frame.

The collagen made a DRAMATIC enchancment in my hair well being and in new hair development! That plus actively working to revive my intestine well being, in fact.

I actually seen my hair STOPPED falling out and breaking off, and new development coming in, inside just a few quick weeks of utilizing this collagen powder day by day.

This bought me focused on protein, and me:

I like to analysis, and I like to check issues on myself! 😉

How a lot protein do you have to eat?

That is determined by plenty of elements (your bio-individuality), however the common rule is that this: 46 grams of protein per day for a mean sedentary lady, 56 grams for common sedentary males.

Along with enhancing hair development and hair power (as a result of hair follicles are made from principally protein), there are different advantages of accelerating protein that curiosity me…

Bear in mind how I discussed that MCT Oil has a thermic impact and will increase your metabolism – virtually immediately? Thermogenesis is the manufacturing of warmth, and protein additionally has a thermic impact in your physique.

That is the rationale I take advantage of MCT oil in my first morning espresso, and likewise the rationale they let you know to eat your larger protein meals no less than 5-6 hours earlier than your typical bedtime – since you get higher high quality sleep with a cooler physique temperature. 😉

What this implies in easy phrases is that your physique will burn extra energy simply by consuming protein.

That is additionally one of many causes you don’t actually have to fret about CICO (energy in / energy out) or being in a “calorie deficit” by commonplace definitions (or by what you may observe in any mixture of apps) once you’re consuming a wholesome ketogenic low carb diet with ample protein and wholesome fat.

(As a result of your physique naturally burns extra energy in ketosis!)

And naturally you most likely already know: protein helps you construct lean muscle, and promotes muscle development once you do power coaching.

It may additionally show you how to forestall muscle loss throughout weight loss.

Given I would like my hair to develop again and develop wholesome, that I’m again to my exercises and wish to construct lean muscle once more, and that I would like my physique to be a wholesome and lean fat-burning machine… 🙂 growing my day by day protein consumption was the apparent reply!

* Sure meals like MCT Oil and Protein trigger your physique to burn extra energy, even with out elevated bodily exercise. A rise in lean muscle causes your physique to burn extra energy as effectively.

* Which implies it doesn’t take a ridiculous quantity of train and a severely restrictive diet to be in a TRUE calorie deficit. You possibly can merely change your physique composition and temperature via fundamental power coaching and correct vitamin.

The underside line and simplified reply is:

46-56 grams of protein per day

That’s for the typical sedentary man or lady although, and there are various variables to think about, ie your bio-individuality and your objectives.

I nonetheless hold commonplace keto macros of 25% protein max, and 70% fats minimal – whatever the quantity of both I eat in precise grams.

As you noticed in two totally different examples above, I can simply eat 50 grams of protein in a single meal – however nonetheless preserve a 25% max ratio as a result of some meals are each protein AND fats.

That is essential as a result of once you limit your carbohydrates so low as to be in ketosis constantly, your physique wants fats for vitality as an alternate supply.

Individuals say “you want carbs for vitality” which isn’t true, however you do want one or the opposite: carbs or fats.

Sarcastically sufficient, consuming fats encourages your physique to burn it’s saved fats – too. 😉

Plus your physique and mind simply run MUCH higher on wholesome fat than they do on carbs & sugar…

Yesterdays Keto Meals & Macros (80 Grams of Protein)

To indicate you the way a complete day works out in my meals diary, I’ll provide you with just a few examples. That means you may see how the macros work out, even when growing the quantity of protein you eat.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling that nice after testing the reintroduction of inexperienced greens again into my diet during the last week or so.

Not a take a look at that went effectively! 😛

I began my break day with Good Keto MCT Oil which is a pure anti-inflammatory on the digestive system and likewise an important urge for food suppressant – which helps after I’m bloated and really feel icky.

See: MCT Oil for Weight Loss

Within the afternoon I had a Cinnamon Roll Keto Bar and a scoop of Keto Collagen in my espresso, each additionally from Good Keto, which was 19 grams of protein complete.

By dinner I used to be really HUNGRY and feeling a lot better. 🙂

I went to Zaxby’s and ordered 10 conventional bone-in wings with no sauce, all flats, with ranch for dipping:

Zaxby's Keto Fast Food Options

Er, these had been NOT all flats. 🤣

Happily they mounted my order, however I ate a few of each! Their wings are DELICIOUS, crispy, zero carbs (simply rooster) and such a brilliant easy enjoyable meal.

Zaxby's Wings Keto Fast Food

Rooster Wings are one other nice meals that present a great quantity of each protein AND fats.

My day got here out to 80 grams of protein, 1403 energy, 10 web carbs, 74% fats and 23% protein. That is what that appears like all logged in MyFitnessPal:

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros

Right here’s how I’ve MyFitnessPal set as much as observe web carbs…

The meals diary above consists of the ranch with my wings, and the sugar free hazelnut powdered creamer I take advantage of in my coffees.

Four Extra Keto Meals Diary Examples with LCHF Macros

I haven’t been publishing my day by day meals diaries currently as a result of I haven’t been consuming that a lot – and I don’t wish to set a foul instance for people who find themselves new to a low carb diet.

That’s due to intestine well being points I’m nonetheless working via.

These meals diaries I plucked as examples are on the decrease finish of what I’ve been consuming by way of protein currently, however nonetheless above common in grams.

Some days I’ll eat double the really useful day by day quantity of protein – or extra. I’m taking pictures for round 80-100 grams of protein per day.

I simply haven’t been capable of eat sufficient currently as a result of I’ve been testing inexperienced greens once more. 🥦 And after I do this (eat inexperienced greens) I get bloated and sick – and completely lose my urge for food! 😏

📝 NOTE: these are NOT meant to be nice examples of day by day meals, as a result of I’m not consuming rather a lot (and even sufficient) most days – and need to eat what I can tolerate, after I really feel like consuming.

These 4 meals diaries had been all on days after I did have no less than one fairly balanced meal…

However the primary level is to speak in regards to the macros, and the distinction between monitoring grams and percentages – and why ratios or percentages make extra sense. 😉

Instance Keto Meals Diary #2

22 Web Carbs, 79% Fats, 67 Grams of Protein

I began the day with Keto Collagen in my espresso, then had two Atkins bars all through the morning whereas I used to be working.

These are the Wafer Crisps I discussed desirous to strive awhile again, with 10 and 11 grams of protein every, and I *actually* just like the Peanut Butter Wafer Crisp bar!!

Keto Friendly Atkins Bars Wafer Crisps

I met with one other native enterprise proprietor round 3:30 that afternoon at Starbucks and had a big iced espresso with about 1/Three cup of heavy cream.

You possibly can see my Starbucks order & ketone/glucose testing right here.

Low Carb Starbucks Order

After that assembly I took myself out to dinner at O’Charley’s. 🙂

I ordered the 8oz prime rib, grilled asparagus and steamed broccoli – topped with butter, bitter cream & cheese (ie “loaded broccoli).

Eating Keto at O'Charley's Restaurant

I ate ALL of that aside from about 1/Three of the prime rib, which I completed for lunch the following day. 😉

Right here’s how that every one appears logged in my meals diary:

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros

Instance Keto Meals Diary #3

22 Web Carbs, 68% Fats, 51 Grams of Protein

This was final Sunday. I had the double serving (2 scoops) of Keto Collagen in my morning coffees, and likewise had a collagen keto bar that morning – each from Good Keto.

Then I had one other a type of Atkins wafer crisps within the afternoon, simply to carry me over till I went out for a later dinner.

This was me being formidable once more, after NOT tolerating the O’Charley’s greens in addition to I’d hoped 🙄 however I used to be actually craving greens so I gave it a go – anyway!

Applebee's Keto Dinner Menu

I noticed and actually wished the Rooster Alfredo on the menu at Applebee’s (a pasta dish), so ordered the grilled rooster with two sides: steamed broccoli and garlicky grean beans – and added alfredo sauce. 😉

I chopped all of it up along with the sauce poured excessive, and it was WAY higher than the pasta dish! 💚🥰🥦

Keto Chicken Alfredo at Applebee's

I solely ate about half of that meal, and introduced the remaining house to eat for lunch the following day.

Right here’s how the macros for the entire day labored out in my meals diary:

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros

Instance Keto Meals Diary #4

18 Web Carbs, 76% Fats, 42 Grams of Protein

As anticipated, I didn’t really feel nice the following morning. 😏

I kicked off the day with MCT Oil in my espresso to settle my rumbling tummy, given inexperienced veggies actually do a quantity on me currently.

I had two servings of keto collagen in coffees all through the day too, and a keto collagen protein bar within the afternoon lastly.

Then I made a decision to complete the opposite half of my Applebee’s meal I introduced house as leftovers. As a result of I used to be already feeling icky anyway, and it was DELICIOUS.

Keto Alfredo - Example Low Carb Food Diaries

That wasn’t plenty of meals for the day at simply over 1,000 energy however I merely didn’t really feel effectively.

Happily the MCT Oil and people keto collagen bars each settle my abdomen properly, and get me by on days I don’t really feel like consuming heavy meals.

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros

Instance Keto Meals Diary #5

20 Web Carbs, 74% Fats, 69 Grams of Protein

I had a cinnamon roll keto bar with peanut butter at my desk whereas working that morning, one thing easy as I used to be nonetheless recovering from all these veggies. 😋

Easy Keto Snack Meals At Home

I went into the town for an errand later and grabbed a Starbucks espresso with heavy cream, and drank about half of that – so logged it as 1/Four cup heavy cream.

And I had one other cinnamon keto bar that afternoon too.

Then for dinner, a hamburger steak & facet salad:

Simple Keto Restaurant Meal

Sure, lettuce is the WORST on my guts. 🥗

What was I pondering?! 🤔 Ack!

It was good although. However I’ve NOT eaten one other inexperienced vegetable since Tuesday evening’s dinner – and don’t plan to anytime quickly. 😛

Right here’s my macros logged for that day:

MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros

As you may see, even with TWO servings of the keto collagen protein and TWO keto collagen bars, my day nonetheless got here out to 74.4% fats.

Keto Macros Food Diary

So once more, consuming “excessive protein” and even simply highER protein, doesn’t essentially imply you’re consuming low fats or NOT consuming excessive fats (too).

That is why counting grams is complicated, and going by ratios or percentages as a substitute is IDEAL. As a result of some meals are each protein AND fats.

It’s all in the way it works out on the finish of the day. 😉

About that Cinnamon Roll Keto Bar…

That is the latest taste of keto collagen bars from Good Keto.

Perfect Keto Bars

They’ve 5 flavors now, and my two favorites are Almond Butter Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:

Perfect Keto Bars

This cinnamon roll bar is far softer and/or oilier than their different bars, so I hold them within the fridge.

They’re VERY cinnamony and fairly scrumptious, however positively a bit of messier!

See: http://perfectketo.com/lynnterry – that’s the place I get the keto collagen, mct oil, their bars in fact, and I like their nut butter too!

I really baked a loaf of bread with the Good Keto nut butter, which is SO good and tremendous creamy. 🥰 Keep tuned for that recipe. It turned out AMAZING.

* * *

What are your ideas on protein?

There are such a lot of conflicting factors flying round keto communities about protein, and I’m unsure ANY of them are in any respect correct.

Particularly not with out together with specifics after they make these factors, akin to whether or not they’re additionally consuming excessive fats, or deliberately low fats, what their macros ARE precisely, and so on.

A number of medical doctors that eat keto currently have stepped as much as say that there’s NO threat related to “consuming an excessive amount of protein” – with regard to it spiking your blood sugar, kicking you out of ketosis OR having a detrimental impact in your kidneys – that are stuff you hear folks say on a regular basis.

All that stated, I’ve discovered via experimenting with my very own macros that consuming too lean (ie low fats) causes my weight loss to fully STALL.

That’s the rationale I’m sticking to fatty proteins, and maintaining my wholesome fat excessive. As a result of they’re my principal vitality supply when consuming only a few carbs, and since that fats really helps your physique burn it’s personal (older) fats.

Ideas or Questions?

I want my meals diaries had been a greater illustration of how I *often* eat keto, however hopefully you bought some good meal concepts out of these no less than! 😉

I usually do eat extra berries and greens, eat extra interval (larger calorie, larger quantity of meals) and far more selection…

I’ll be SO glad when this intestine well being challenge resolves itself. 😛

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I’m loving the Good Keto stuff – particularly their bars, MCT oil and unflavored collagen powder which you’ll be able to see I take advantage of fairly common.

I not too long ago did a Good Keto Q&A Video, particularly about what I take advantage of (and don’t use!) and the way I take advantage of their collagen & MCT oil:

❤ My Four favorites: http://perfectketo.com/lynnterry + 15% off. 💕


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