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Swap Typical Bread for Selfmade Low-Carb Bread and Save 15 g Carbs

Za’atar Olive Keto Bread

Swap Potato Chips for Cheese Crisps and Save 14 g Carbs

Swap Pasta for Butternut Squash Noodles and Save 26 g Carbs

Butternut Noodles Cacio e Pepe recipe

Butternut Noodles Cacio e Pepe

Swap Potatoes for Cauliflower and Save 13 g Carbs

Cauliflower Tots with Herbed Mayo recipe

Cauliflower Tots with Herbed Mayo

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Swap White Flour Chocolate Cake for this Flourless Model and Save 31 g Carbs

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Extra Good Swaps

The key to decreasing empty carbs? Craving-crushing swaps that scratch the itch for noodles, bread, chips and different favorites. Strive these easy subs when the urge for consolation strikes.

Celery root for mashed potatoes: Often known as celeriac, this vegetable has a gentle celery taste however will get creamy and potato-like when cooked and mashed. 1 cup cooked = 9 g carbs (versus 34 g for 1 cup mashed potatoes)