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Wellness and Fitness Professional Stephanie Mansour shares her holistic strategy to losing weight and acquiring healthful on Television stations across the nation!

You can discover her on the Now Show, The Physicians, Dr. Oz, NBC, CNN, HLN, and lots of a lot more Television stations!

If you are hunting for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a self-confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you have come to the suitable location! As a Certified Individual Trainer for Ladies, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicago, and Certified Expert Life Coach in Chicago, I function with prosperous ladies across the nation as a Private Weight Loss Coach for Ladies.

Right here are a handful of a lot more factors that I do as a weight loss consultant in Chicago: Weight Loss Consultant Chicago, Weight Loss Nutritionist Chicago (we function with a Medical doctor of Nutrition to assess all of our private weight loss consumers), Wellness &amp Fitness Trainer Chicago, Wellness &amp Fitness Coaching Chicago, Wellness &amp Fitness Education Chicago, and Fitness Trainer Chicago. In addition, I do Corporate Wellness Education in Chicago, and I’m a fitness consultant in Chicago. I do Fitness Education in Chicago, Nutrition Coaching in Chicago, and Nutrition Education in Chicago. If you are hunting for a Wellness Trainer Chicago, Wellness Professional Chicago, Wellness Coaching Chicago, or Wellness Education Chicago, you have come to the suitable location! In addition, I am a Individual Trainer Chicago, Nutrition Professional Chicago, Nutrition Coach Chicago, and a Women’s Weight Loss Coach in Chicago and beyond!

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