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By Gaby Burt-Dโ€™Agnillo, BSc Nutrition Candidate

Reviewed by Andrea Miller MHSc, RD


Sustaining bone well being as you age is significant to avoid your danger of osteoporosis, falls, and fractures. This month, we are speaking about crucial nutrients that will retain your bones sturdy and wholesome: Calcium and Vitamin D!

Calcium is an significant mineral that the physique makes use of to create wholesome bones and teeth. Calcium also plays a part in heart well being, muscle function, and nerve signalling. As you age, it is significant to retain bone density by living a wholesome, active life. Calcium can be identified in a wide variety of foods which includes milk, yogurt, cheese, kefir, canned fish, cooked greens, legumes, spinach, and fortified beverages.

How considerably do I will need?

Suggested Dietary Allowance (RDA)
Adults 19-50 years 1000 mg
Males more than 50 years 1000 mg
Girls more than 50 years 1200 mg

Do I will need a calcium supplement?

If you consume a wholesome and balanced diet, that incorporates calcium-wealthy meals sources, you most likely do not will need a calcium supplement. A calcium supplement might be helpful, nevertheless, if you are lactose intolerant, if you have a milk protein allergy or have problems consuming sufficient calcium-wealthy foods. To calculate how considerably calcium you are having, verify out this calcium calculator from Osteoporosis Canada.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids the physique absorb and use calcium. Vitamin D performs with calcium to retain your bones and teeth sturdy, and retain functionality of your muscle tissues, nerves, and immune technique. Vitamin D is mainly developed by the skin when we are exposed to sunlight. It is also identified in meals sources such as fortified cowโ€™s milk, other fortified beverages, fatty fish, and eggs.

How considerably do I will need?

The quantity of vitamin D you will need depends on your age. From age 9 to 70 years, aim for 600 IU (15 mcg) per day. More than the age of 70, the RDA increases to 800 IU (20 mcg) per day. For reference, three ounces of cooked salmon consists of about 450 IU and one particular cup of fortified milk consists of about 100 IU. You ought to not exceed four,000 IU per day to avoid toxicity and adverse effects.

Do I will need a Vitamin D supplement?

Yes, you do will need a supplement. Adults who do not get sufficient vitamin D from foods or have low blood levels of vitamin D might call for a supplement. More than the age of 50 years, Well being Canada recommends that all adults take a every day vitamin D supplement of 400 IU.


Sustaining sufficient levels of calcium and vitamin D might lower your danger of establishing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis happens when the bones are weak and turn out to be prone to fractures. In Canada, about 1.four million individuals have osteoporosis โ€“ 1 in four ladies and 1 in eight males might be impacted. Your danger of establishing the situation depends on your age, weight, diet, and way of life habits. Some measures you can take to minimize your danger, are to get sufficient bone constructing nutrients by means of your diet, staying active, limiting caffeine to 400 mg a day, and refraining from smoking. For much more data on osteoporosis, verify out this tip sheet from Dietitians of Canada.

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